Private Companies, Corporate Foundations, Private Foundations/Charities, Small and Medium Enterprises
Establishing or restructuring corporate/private foundations

Assessment and analysis
  • We assist companies to assess and analyse:
    • Adequacy of their existing giving programmes and reliability of their funding.
    • Decision making processes relevant for giving programmes.
    • Internal capacities.
    • Cooperation with relevant stakeholders.
    • Communication of results.

Development/revision of giving strategy
  • We facilitate the process of redefining or setting a foundation’s long-term giving goals.
  • We help companies to set their principles of giving and define their giving channels.
  • We propose changes in governance structures and decision-making processes.
  • We help companies to define the types of cooperation with other stakeholders they need to develop.

Implementation, data tracking and reporting
  • We advise companies on how to set selection criteria for their programmes and partners.
  • We help your teams to define short, medium and long term indicators.
  • We conduct monitoring and evaluation, as well as data tracking on your behalf.
  • We provide relevant social sustainability related content for your annual reports.

Contact information
Email: office@wise-a.com

Working on Impact
and Social Empowerment