... until they know how much you care. W!SE knows how to care.

Dr. Jasmina Kuka Dear W!SE people,

Please allow me to personally welcome you to the W!SE web page.

My name is Jasmina Kuka and I have spent my career working on development projects and social sustainability initiatives within all three sectors: profit, non-profit and government. This includes implementation of the large grant schemes through corporate, international development organizations and government funding; development of poverty reduction strategies; running programmes of social giving foundations; conducting trainings and implementing social impact assessments. 

I can’t say that I’ve seen it all, but W!SE team and I definitely have seen enough as to have a good understanding and experience in the following:
  1. How corporations can be better involved in ESG (environmental, social, governance) practices, reduce their reputational risk and do good for both company and society
  2. How corporate clients can overcome the key problems when trying to implement successful social programmes
  3. How corporations and other relevant stakeholders should frame social sustainability actions in order to have a positive impact on the overall success of the company
  4. How to jointly with corporations develop relevant measurment tools that will enable them to more efficiently meet their social impact targets
  5. How to facilitate establishment of functional partnerships between relevant cross-sectoral stakeholders and influence the overall country’s social development agenda
The team gathered around the W!SE idea are charismatic individuals who have pushed the boundaries in their private and work lives, people who have demonstrated that social impact is possible when commitment and resources are both in place. The expertise gathered around W!SE is very broad – from sustainable development, to economy, human rights, conservation biology, poverty reduction, political science and international development. 

We come from different countries and continents − Malaysia, Serbia, USA, Austria, Poland and Spain − from different cultures, religions and points of view. These differences make us W!SER and stronger.

With our knowledge and experience we stand ready to support you in all phases of your social sustainability interventions in order for them to be implementable, meaningful and useful for people and communities you work within, as well as to fulfill your legacy aspiration and your legal reporting obligations. 

We are looking forward for the opportunity to show you why working with us is a W!SE thing to do!

Yours truly,

Dr. Jasmina Kuka and the W!SE Team

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Email: office@wise-a.com

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