Publicly Listed Companies (PLCs)
Legal Compliance / legal requirements

Assessment and analysis
  • We help your company to assess and analyze positive and negative aspects of your current social sustainability performance.
  • We assist you in mapping risks and opportunities and prioritizing social sustainability matters.
  • We work together with your teams in developing and testing relevant internal policies, procedures and processes.

Development of sustainable programmes
  • We work with your board members, management and project implementation teams in defining your strategic goals with regard to the social components of sustainable performance.
  • We provide expertise in:
    1. defining criteria for selection of social sustainability programmes that are in line with a company’s sustainability strategy.
    2. defining a set of relevant qualitative and quantitative indicators to be used for measurement of short, medium and long-term results.
  • We build the capacity of your management team to become leaders in the area of social sustainability programmes.

Implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • We provide companies with technical support for implementation of their social sustainability programmes at field/partner level.
  • We assist your project teams in maintaining consistency and accuracy of collected data.
  • We conduct monitoring and evaluation on your behalf.
  • We train your staff to become more competent to report about social sustainability matters in your annual reports.

Contact information
Email: office@wise-a.com

Working on Impact
and Social Empowerment